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Enterprise Software Solutions By FileMyReturn

Enterprise Software Solutions By FileMyReturn. We, FileMyReturn specialize in enterprise software solutions, catering to the compliance needs of businesses. We have designed our cutting-edge solutions to integrate with major ERP suites. This ensures a smooth and efficient workflow. We help streamline your processes and enhance efficiency by offering state-of-the-art software solutions. We have a diverse range of tailored software solutions for every problem. They support and simplify the various compliance requirements of businesses like yours.


Our software solutions help in the efficient generation of e-Invoices. This reduces the overall Turn Around Time(TAT). The key features of our e-Invoicing software are as follows:-


Our software authenticates invoices with Invoice Reference Numbers (IRN) and QR codes.


It has comprehensive capabilities for invoice generation and GST compliance.

Hybrid Support

It supports digital signing and we can use it offline or on the cloud.

Many API Options

It supports many API options like Direct API access, API via GSP, or API via ERP.

Integrated Features

It can create meaningful reports and handle GST notices. It can also manage reconciliations and vendor notifications.

Maximizes Input Tax Credit

It helps in maximizing ITC and ensures compliance.

E-Way Bills

With our software, you can easily generate and manage e-way bills. This will help in simplifying the transportation of goods and compliance with regulations. The key features are:

Seamless Integration

Our software can integrate with your existing ERP for generating e-way bills.

Streamlined Bulk Upload

You can upload bulk data from your ERP system for efficient e-way bill generation. This will reduce bottlenecks in the whole process.

Data Validation

Our software conducts multiple data validation checks. These checks help to identify and rectify errors in invoice data, GSTINs, HSN codes, and more.

Flexible Deployment Options

Cloud-based or On-Premise solutions are available, ensuring 100% data security with real-time monitoring.

ITC Claim & Reconciliation

Our software enables you to accurately claim and reconcile input tax credits. It optimizes your GST compliance and frees up your blocked working capital.

  • Our software provides vendor payment management and risk assessment systems. It helps in streamlining the whole process.
  • Our solutions provide real-time synchronization with ERP for seamless 2-way data flow. It also can schedule auto-reconciliation in the background.
  • It has AI-based matching capabilities which reduces the manual reconciliation workload.
  • We provide multiple communication options (email, WhatsApp) for seamless vendor communication.
  • It facilitates cross-team collaboration between IDT, Procurement, and AP teams.
  • It aids decision-making and avoids notices by providing predefined and customizable reports.

GST Filings & Returns Reconciliation

You can file your GST return and reconcile them with your financial record with our software. This will ensure financial accuracy and compliance. Our software helps in GST filing and reconciliation in the following ways:

  • Our software can import data seamlessly from any ERP system using various methods. These methods include APIs, SFTP integrations, connectors, and custom templates with mappers.
  • It follows API-based workflows for effortless uploading and filing processes.
  • You get the choice of connectors and Excel-based templates for importing data.
  • It facilitates secure SFTP-based file transfer methods for placing documents on servers.
  • Smart error validations at the invoice level to ensure error-free filings.
  • Efficient filing of all types of GST returns, from GSTR 1 to GSTR 9, with minimal manual intervention.
  • It follows AI-based matching and reconciliation at the invoice level across all GSTINs & PAN.
  • Provides AI-based suggestions for accept/reject/matching and vendor communication for reconciliation.
  • Multiple reports are available for the Taxation team and Management. It includes documents such as:
  • GST returns and invoice comparisons
  • Stock balance reports
  • Ledger and cash summaries
  • HSN-wise and supplier-wise summaries.
  • It provides a fully integrated solution for GST-compliant invoice creation.
  • It also facilitates payment tracking, and stock management, enabling both growth and compliance.

TDS/TCS Management

Our software provides comprehensive tools to manage TDS, TCS, and electronic return filing. It helps in simplifying compliance and reporting.

  • Facilitates Preparation & E-filing of the TDS & TCS Returns & Correction Statements with proper validations. Also, track the non-filing of TDS Statements.
  • It uses a default predictor model to identify incorrect fields like:
  • PANs & Challans
  • Short Deductions
  • Late Payment / Deduction – Interest calculation
  • Late Fee Calculation.
  • It facilitates the preparation of all permissible correction returns. It also helps in easy corrections in the already filed returns.
  • It downloads, generates, and prints TDS / TCS certificates. It also prints Consolidated FVU File for Correction Statements. Challan File Download & Validation from NSDL FVU, Digitally Signed & E-Mail Form 16/16A.
  • It facilitates the auto-update of TDS software. It also integrates File Validation Utility (FVU) as per government rules.
  • It also facilitates the auto-download of CSI files.
  • It provides a data backup and restore facility. It also provides:
  • Form 3CD report
  • Pay TAX online – AutoFill
  • Option for finding BSR codes
  • Monthly TDS calculator for Salary.
  • It generates FVU files in a single click using TDS software-integrated FVU.
  • Our software is integrated with NSDL and TRACES Portal.
  • It facilitates all its users to Import or Export required data from or to MS Excel Files / Text File / FVU files.

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Account Payable

Our end-to-end invoice processing digitization solution encompasses the entire workflow. It starts from the collection and posting of invoices & continues through vendor payments.

  • Our software is compatible with all ERP solutions & equipped with built-in AI capabilities.
  • It allows invoice PDF collections and posting in a Scan/OCR Engine.
  • It supports the scanning of physical invoices using scanners at plant gates or offices.
  • It is capable of connecting with various repositories, and specified folders.
  • The AI-based Scan/OCR Engine scans invoices for:
    • Header Data:
      • Includes PO No., Invoice No., GSTN & Total Value
    • Table Data Capture:
      • Part No., HSN, Rate per Qty, UOM
    • Validation 1:
      • Generic validation to cover PO Digits (e.g., 10 digits), Customer Master & Addresses, Vendor Master & Addresses
    • Validation 2:
      • GSTN status, IRN, QR Scan & Check with Govt NIC, E-Invoice validation, QR NIC Data Crosscheck with Data in Invoice PDF
  • OCR Engine provides the following TDS calculation and invoice data preparation for services:
    • Extraction of Service Description:
      • The engine extracts the description of the service from the invoice.
    • Tax identification code:
      • The engine identifies the appropriate tax code for TDS calculation.
    • TDS Percentage Determination:
      • The engine applies predefined rules to determine the TDS percentage. It considers the tax code while determining the TDS percentage.
    • Calculation and Invoice Data Sheet Preparation:
      • The engine performs the necessary calculations and prepares an invoice data sheet. The sheet includes the TDS amount and other relevant details.
  • Scan / OCR Engine provides the following Output:
    • Data Output for Goods Invoices with TCS and Cess, including validation.
    • Data Output for Service Invoices with TDS, including validation.
    • The engine delivers the output via email in Excel format. It is available for download from the portal.
    • API integration is available to connect the output with their ERP system.
    • Verification by our Managed Services team.


In conclusion, FMR offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise software solutions. Our software is specifically designed to cater to the compliance needs of businesses. Our e-Invoicing software has advanced features like authentication with IRN and QR codes.

In the field of TDS/TCS Management, FMR’s software simplifies compliance and reporting. They provide tools for preparation, e-filing, correction statements, and more. Their Account Payable solution offers an end-to-end invoice processing digitization solution.
Overall, FMR’s enterprise software solutions empower businesses to achieve both growth and compliance. Choose FileMyReturn to navigate through the world of enterprise compliance and streamlining operations. Contact us today to get started!

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