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Everything You Need To Know About GST Registration Cancellation

The process for a taxpayer to cancel their GST registration is straightforward. Sometimes, a taxpayer may want to cancel their registration for reasons such as ceasing operations, closing their business, or other valid reasons. Here’s an overview of the GST registration cancellation process:

Eligibility for Cancellation

The taxpayers who can apply for GST registration cancellation are:

  • The taxpayer is no longer liable to pay GST or conduct taxable supplies
  • Individuals or entities have ceased business operations
  • No longer meet the eligibility criteria for GST registration

Steps for Application for GST Registration Cancellation

The steps for applying for cancellation of GST Registration are as follows:

  • File online application on the GST portal using the registered credentials.
  • Fill in the required details in the cancellation application form.
  • Upload supporting documents, if required, to substantiate the reason for cancellation.

Verification and Approval

The GST officer scrutinizes the application for registration to ensure compliance with provisions. He may request additional information or documents for verification purposes. After satisfaction, he will issue an order for cancellation.

Clearance of Dues and Compliance

The taxpayer must clear any pending tax liabilities, interest, or penalties before cancellation. He should also file any pending GST returns and pay any outstanding dues before applying.

Cancellation Order

The taxpayer will receive a cancellation order from the GST officer. The cancellation order will specify the effective date of cancellation. From this date, the taxpayer will no longer be liable for GST obligations.

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Surrender of Registration Certificate

Taxpayers must surrender their GST registration certificate to comply with tax regulations. This ensures accurate records and updates, promotes transparency, and facilitates communication with tax authorities. Promptly fulfilling this obligation avoids penalties or complications for non-compliance.

Impact on Input Tax Credit

The taxpayer will lose the right to claim. By cancelling the registration the taxpayer will face consequences. The taxpayer will lose the right to claim an input tax credit on future purchases and expenses.


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